Within the Royalton group of companies, Royalton HDC manufacturers a wide range of coating products to cater for the high-end plastic industries that require customised and specialised finishes.

Our products are both water and solvent- based and are suitable for plastic substrates such as ABS, PVC, PP, and PS. These include primers, metallic base coats and top coats, with either one or two components depending on requirement and specifications. Royalton HDC also develops both clear and pigmented UV coating to cater for high-end applications.

This range of products is mainly used in pharmaceutical factories, clean rooms, hospitals, food factories, abattoirs, and other industrial sectors. Our products are also approved by the Veterinary Department for application in food factories.

The demand for special-effect polyurethane coatings by car designers has culminated in our development of the soft-feel coating. Plastics finished with soft-feel coatings are more pleasant to the touch, dampening the noise of friction and contributing to comfort.

The industries that we serve are mainly the electrical and electronics market, automotive and general high end plastic manufacturers.