Another of Royalton Group’s trademark products includes its range of protective coatings under the Berger brand, which is suitable for an array of surfaces and environments. Besides domestic and commercial use, Berger has developed protective coatings for petrochemical and gas plants, oil rigs, offshore platforms, airport hangars and shipping terminals to protect and enhance the durability of these important assets.

To further prove our superior quality, accreditation institutions like Taywood Engineering, Australia; Lloyd’s Register, London and world-renowned project consultants and engineering contractors like Bechtel, Snamprogetti and Toyo, have all certified and approved our products.

Sukhoi Hangar Terengganu

Tower Crane. West Port Terminal,
West Part Selangor

Major players in the petrochemical industry like Shell, BHPetrol, and Caltex, as well as power and transmission providers like China Light in Hong Kong and Beilun Power in China, are some of the satisfied customers in our protective coatings portfolio.